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The All-In-One POS Terminal

Poynt smart terminal is a complete POS solution for any small business. It is a touch screen tablet, card EMV reader, receipt printer and POS barcode scanner. The modern design includes a stand for easy operation and Ethernet support on a surface, allowing you to use it anywhere it is needed. 

Portable POS system for small business

The Poynt handheld POS system allows you to handle customers and manage store operations with freedom. With integrated eHopper POS system you can charge bills right at the table with split payments and tips, ring up customers on the sales floor, or charge cards when serving meals from a truck.

Wireless solution for any POS setup

With the Poynt wireless POS system, you can easily sync it with additional devices such as cash registers. WiFi access gives you the ability to do business and access reports anywhere you can find a signal. No need to look for an Ethernet connection, which can limit your mobility.

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Process payments quickly with ease

You can process various payments with the Poynt mobile terminal.

Chip (EMV)

EMV compliant, giving you peace of mind when processing credit and debit.

Magnetic Stripe

All typical swipe cards can be processed for payment with Poynt with no hassle.


Fully EMV compliant, giving you peace of mind when processing credit and debit.


Seamless integration with eHopper POS software

The Poynt Smart Terminal is a payment terminal with basic register functionality built-in. 3rd-party applications like eHopper, eThor, and Lightning Register can provide richer POS functionality. Over time more POS applications will get added to the Poynt platform.


Process credit and debit payments right from the device with the built-in card slot. Takes magnetic strip and EMV cards.


Bring up detailed reports right on the touchscreen using data collected in real-time during the work day.


Monitor time clocks, track individual order fulfillment and earned tips.


Take detailed orders by walk-in, take out or delivery. Handle dinner bills right at the table with split payments and easy tipping.


Check your current stock of products, keep track of what items are sold and how often they are sold.


Gather customer information seamlessly for enhancer customer service and marketing outreach for repeat business.

Demo Videos

Poynt Smart Terminal

Poynt 5 Mobile

Any payment, anywhere