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Beauty salon management that will blow you away.

At SalonBooker, we understand that beauty is more than a luxury to you – it’s your livelihood.  You likely spend your day managing everything from inventory and staff schedules to promotions and appointments across a diverse range of beauty services, with little help from your stylists and sub-par technology. We designed our beauty  salon software  to meet the needs of your business and simplify these tasks. SalonBooker offers a complete suite of features to facilitate the smooth operation of your salon and promote the future success of your business.

The beauty experience re-imagined.

SalonBooker makes it easy to enhance every aspect of your clients’ experience. Our beauty salon software helps you ensure each client receives unparalleled service, whether for a manicure or a haircut, with tools that capture preferences, client history, and photos. With SalonBooker, we give you the features you need in a complete beauty salon management suite so you can focus on what you love the most — creating the total beauty experience for your clients.

Salon Scheduling

Beauty salon management that will blow you away.

Your appointment book is the center of your business and is essential for successfully managing your day-to-day operations. With SalonBooker, your appointment book is powered by cutting-edge salon scheduling software designed with an understanding of exactly how your salon works. In a single glance, you can see a complete view of your daily salon appointments, by time or by stylist, and easily move, adjust, or cancel scheduled services. Drag and drop appointments, book multiple clients for one stylist at different times, and even manage gap processing time.a diverse range of beauty services, with little help from your stylists and sub-par technology. We designed our beauty  salon software  to meet the needs of your business and simplify these tasks. SalonBooker offers a complete suite of features to facilitate the smooth operation of your salon and promote the future success of your business.

Legendary salon calendar management.

SalonBooker, salon scheduling software, features an intuitive salon appointment book with an easy-to-use key legend. Type in the first few letters of a name or service code, and SalonBooker automatically populates all associated information to simplify and reduce the time it takes to book an appointment. Our key legend makes it easy to identify new clients, memberships, multiple services, confirmation status, no-shows, payment status, and much more all in one central location.

Why wait to fill your appointment book?

SalonBooker provides flexible and comprehensive recording of wait list information, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to fill a desired salon appointment time slot once it becomes available. Manage your wait list for the current business day, future dates, and even scheduled classes to maximize your salon’s productivity.

Online Salon Booking

Wouldn’t it be great if every visitor to your website took the next step and made an appointment or enrolled in a class? Booker’s online booking page integrates seamlessly within your existing website. You can customize the design of your booking flow to match your branding, and customers have the power to:

  • View a Book Now button on your website’s homepage.
  • See available time slots.
  • View detailed descriptions of your services and classes.
  • Schedule multiple services or classes.
  • Add additional guests.
  • Automatically add client and prospect email addresses to your Booker account.

Facebook Salon Booking

Your clients love Facebook. Why make them leave to book salon appointments?

More than 1.1 billion people actively use Facebook; so, chances are many of your clients and potential clients are a part of the social media craze. 

With a connection to Facebook, SalonBooker enables your clients to book salon appointments, purchase gift certificates, and take advantage of salon promotions directly on your salon Facebook page with our simple Facebook booking app. 

Spread the word and create more buzz.

Our salon appointment software makes it easy to get people talking about your salon. Your clients have the option to share when they make an online booking via Facebook. SalonBooker helps your salon’s Facebook page connect with your clients, keep them engaged, and spread the word about you and your business.

Mobile & Tablet Salon Booking

You and your staff aren’t chained to a desk all day—so why should your business management system be? Booker is designed to be accessible from any device, no matter where you are, providing flexibility for business owners and their employees. Your customers also receive the same mobile‑optimized experience when booking, giving them the freedom to connect with you on the go.

  • Service or class type.
  • Preferred date and time.
  • Specific service provider or teacher.

Booker Customer App

The world has gone mobile, and so can you with your own Booker Branded Customer App!

It’s the fastest way to drive more bookings, increase revenue, and get a daily presence on the one thing that never leaves your customers’ sight. The best part: we’ve already built it for you.

Your customers can:

  • Book and manage appointments in seconds
  • Check available openings 24/7
  • Instantly map your location and get event schedules
  • Call you without looking up your phone number
  • View your daily open hours at a quick glance
  • Stay up to date on every special and last min opening you post tp Facebook & Twitter.


Salon Social Promotion

Build word-of-mouth through Facebook and Twitter.

Harness the power of social promotion to connect with your clients and their friends. Link your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social media accounts to SalonBooker salon management software and publish your salon’s promotions with the click of a button.

Like it, tweet it, share it!

SalonBooker connects directly with popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to fill last-minute cancellations or submit special offers to these sites directly from the SalonBooker system. Your clients, fans, and followers can share, comment, or tweet about your salon promotions to increase exposure for your business and ultimately boost your salon’s social media presence.

Salon Appointment Distribution

More clients. More appointments. More opportunities.

At SalonBooker, we understand that the only thing more rewarding than a client is a new client, which is why our software does more than salon appointment scheduling and operations. We bring you more new clients to bring in more revenue.

Get listed on our partner sites around the web.

SalonBooker is one of the only salon software packages that can actually provide exposure to new clients. We get you found on the most popular sites where beauty enthusiasts are looking for your services. With our strategic partnerships, clients can search for available appointments on Citysearch, SpaFinder, Lifebooker,, and other sites across the web and book directly with you.

Snag appointments and fill last-minute cancellations.

Last-minute cancellations can be stressful to fill on short notice. We help to fill your book with more salon appointments and reduce the stress for you and your staff. SalonBooker scheduling software recognizes when appointments have not been filled, and builds your book by automatically distributing salon appointments on our partner sites. SalonBooker ultimately makes it quicker and easier to fill cancellations and generate appointments during slow traffic seasons.

Salon Booking Website

Tailor made to suit your needs.

Your salon logo, colors, website, and other marketing materials are all a reflection of your brand. You’ve carefully selected imagery, fonts, and design elements to ensure your clients can instantly recognize who you are and what your salon stands for at a glance. What happens to all of that meticulous planning when you decide to incorporate online salon scheduling and eCommerce?

With SalonBooker, we make it simple to display, grow, and sell your services and products online in a branded salon booking website easily tailored to your business. Seamlessly incorporate your logo, colors, and customized designs to your salon booking website to strengthen your brand and increase recognition amongst your clients.

Give character to your online booking experience.

Enhance your clients’ online booking experience with SalonBooker. Include descriptions of services, salon appointment durations, product features, and benefits all to make salon scheduling and online purchasing a breeze. 

You’ve worked hard to create a powerful salon brand identity; flaunt it with SalonBooker, salon appointment software.

Salon Email Marketing

Let’s stay connected.

With SalonBooker salon management software, you can focus on the two things that matter to you most; connecting with your clients and growing your business. Develop targeted email campaigns designed to engage and entice your clients with all that your salon has to offer.

Communicate and they will come.

There are many points in your clients’ relationships where effective communication can both improve their experience and increase your salon’s revenue. Create customized emails for individual clients, groups, or your entire client list. Send individual emails to fill last-minute appointment cancellations, special salon promotions to a group of your VIP clients, or notify your entire client list during the holiday season. 

Execute your salon marketing strategy with confidence.

SalonBooker gives you the power to leverage your client database, creatively execute your salon marketing strategy, and track the effectiveness of your promotional marketing efforts. Our one-time setup of emails and salon promotions means hands-free marketing; giving you more time to focus on what you enjoy most – enhancing your clients’ experience.

Salon Point Of Sale

Fast acting and pain releiving salon point of sale software.

 SalonBooker offers a complete salon point of sale (POS) system that seamlessly manages all of your sales. Whether it’s payment for a service or purchase of a product sold in-store or online, SalonBooker supports every transaction you make. SalonBooker links directly to your credit card processor so all transactions are processed in real time

Exceptional service, without the wait.

Speed up the checkout process by connecting your salon POS to your client profiles. Storing payment information accommodates your clients that are on the go by giving them the option to bypass the reception desk. In the click of a button, you can close an order and even include gratuities at clients’ request. Utilizing SalonBooker provides a safe, secure option to maintain credit card information.

Multiple payments, dozens of currencies.

SalonBooker accepts various payment types including gift cards and loyalty points; and even allows you to create custom payments specific to the needs of your business. Thousands of salon professionals in more than 22 countries use SalonBooker to run their business. Oursalon POS software supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing salon owners all over the world to improve their clients’ experience. 


Salon E-Commerce

Setup your salon’s online store in seconds.

Turn your salon eCommerce website into a revenue stream by selling products, gift certificates, and memberships through a customizable online shopping cart. It’s never been easier to build and maintain your salon’s online store. SalonBooker provides guided steps and easy-to-use tools to create an online shopping experience for your clients – no programming skills required.

Go to sleep. Your eCommerce site has work to do.

In the comfort of their home or while on the go, SalonBooker makes it simple for clients to get the items they need, anytime, anywhere. Your clients can purchase products and gift certificates online directly from your salon eCommerce page. SalonBooker drives sales to your business even when your salon is closed. With eCommerce, your salon’s online store never sleeps, so your salon’s success doesn’t have to either.

Salon Loyalty Points

You make a very good point.

Loyalty reward programs are an excellent tool to build long lasting relationships with new and existing clients. Ensure your clients keep coming back to your salon for more with loyalty point incentives. SalonBooker allows you to capture demographics and spending habits to better tailor your marketing efforts and increase client retention.

Custom loyalty point settings.

With SalonBooker, you can customize loyalty point rewards for all types of actions and transactions. Track your clients’ activities and issue specified reward points for actions such as pre-booking, client referrals, and online booking as well as salon purchases of gift certificates, packages, series, memberships, retail products, or services.

We make loyalty easy.

Whether it’s your clients’ first or one hundredth visit, SalonBooker effortlessly updates loyalty point activity enabling you to celebrate, reward, surprise and delight your clients at every stage of their client lifecycle.

Salon Gift Certificates & Cards

Maximize your revenue with gift cards and gift certificates.

Add online gift certificates and gift cards to your salon website and Facebook page to increase revenue. Provide your clients the convenience of purchasing last-minute gift certificates when they are in a pinch for time. SalonBooker allows your clients to print or email gift certificates directly to recipients

Managing the gift of giving.

SalonBooker makes it easy to track and manage gift cards and certificates. Once a gift card or gift certificate has been sold, the balance automatically syncs to the clients� profile. SalonBooker offers real-time access to instantly check the balance of any gift card or gift certificate. Each gift card or certificate is created with a unique barcode and ID number, enabling you to sell custom, printable gifts, on your website, in person, and through your Facebook page. 

Manage Your Business

Salon Customer Management

Advanced customer relationship management keeps you one step ahead.

Anticipating your clients’ needs and expectations prior to their arrival has a major impact on their experience at your salon. Having intuitive salon management software with appointment indicators makes it easy to identify new clients, memberships, multiple services, and staff preferences at a single glance.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Discover salon management software that will meet your clients’ needs through intelligent customer relationship management. SalonBooker’s customer management features provides flexible, comprehensive recording of client information and transaction data, coupled with robust reporting and easy access to client records.  Our salon management software tracks your clients’ first and last visits, real-time total sales, and appointment booking history to help you better identify VIP clients.

Salon Employee Schedule & Payroll

Salon management and staff scheduling made easy.

SalonBooker is packed with salon management tools to ensure the smooth operations of your salon. Eliminate manual staff scheduling to ensure optimal service coverage for every shift, every day with SalonBooker. Simply enter your employees’ weekly schedule, and it will automatically update through the end of the year. Our intuitive salon business software synchronizes your employees’ schedules with your calendar to simplify managing and booking appointments. Give your employees mobile access to connect to SalonBooker; empowering stylists to check their schedules so you don’t have to.

Spend less time doing payroll, and do more of what you love.

Simplify the payroll process with salon management software made for you. Whether you pay hourly, salary, commission, or a combination of both, SalonBooker gives multiple compensation options to support any payment structure. From tracking employee hours, service deductions, or settling tips, our salon management software provides fast, accurate, and efficient solutions to help reduce time spent conducting payroll.   

Salon Inventory Management

Salon inventory management you can count on.

Regularly counting inventory is probably not the most glamorous job in the salon – but it is vital to the success and profitability of your business. SalonBooker’s powerful salon management software provides solutions to help you better manage your salon by ensuring that everything you need counted, gets counted in a method that makes sense for you

Save time, reduce shrinkage.

Easily manage your vendor and product inventory from one centralized location for both in-store and online sales. Take physical inventory using our simple interface design and automated rules for replenishment. Tracking inventory has never been easier. SalonBooker saves you time, reduces shrinkage, and gives an accurate reflection of salon product usage and buying trends. Track product lines by manufacturer, easily add or edit product descriptions, and manage purchase order status all with the click of a button.

Salon Reporting

Easy-to-view reports help you track performance and growth.

Reports don’t need to be confusing or hard to use. In fact, SalonBooker makes it simple to analyze financial performance and other useful data to help you make the best decisions for your salon. Stay on top of your salon management with real-time reporting that gives insight into clients, sales, inventory, employees, payroll, marketing, and overall business performance from promotion to sale.

Design your future through the power of reporting.

SalonBooker’s powerful reporting module will provide you with the information you need to run and grow your salon. Choose from a comprehensive set of reports or create new reports tailored to monitor your business. We give you the flexibility to analyze your benchmarks and key performance indicators that align with your salon management and business structure.